Where Hearts Gather

Our church is grounded in the Bible and we're all about real connections—both with God through new birth, and each other. We believe the Holy Spirit is actively at work among us, performing miracles today just as in times past.

Worship Wherever, Whenever.

So you can never miss a service!

Sunday Awakening

In-Person & Online


Thursday Night Bible Study

In-Person & Online


(Cafe opens at 5:30pm)

Prayer Services


Sunday @ 6pm

Wednesday @ 3pm

Friday @ 12:15pm

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What Should I Expect During My Visit?

Our teachings are deeply rooted in Scripture, offering insights that are relevant and applicable to everyday life. You can anticipate engaging messages that not only delve into the depths of the Bible but also provide practical guidance for living out your faith in the modern world.

Worship with us is a vibrant and heartfelt experience. It's a time where we come together to express our joy, gratitude, and need for God through various styles of music and moments of intimate praise. Expect an atmosphere where the Spirit moves, and individual hearts connect with the divine.

At our church, fellowship is a rich connection of shared experiences and mutual support. Whether it’s through bible studies, special events, or casual gatherings, you’ll find a community eager to welcome you, ready to walk alongside you in your spiritual journey.

We celebrate the family in all its forms and offer a variety of activities that cater to every member, from the youngest to the oldest. From educational programs for children and teens to family-friendly events, there's always something that brings us together, fostering both fun and faith.

  • Bible Study Thursdays

    Enrich your spiritual walk at Bible Study Thursdays with Dr. Marie McDade, a space for thoughtful reflection, meaningful dialogue, and personal growth.